Sunday, 13 August 2017

Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow and Habitat

I went out specifically looking for this species on this day. They are not particularly hard to find if you know the type of habitat they prefer. Typically this bird prefers salt marshes of which there are no shortage of in the Matthew's Lake area. During the breeding season they can be seen and heard singing from the highest point around which in a lot of areas is just the top of the highest stalk of marsh grass. In this case it was from the top of a stack of driftwood piled up as a makeshift blind by duck hunters. 

To be fair to other sparrows, the song - if you can call it that,  is more of a buzz than an actual melody. When they are not singing (or buzzing) you can often find them at the edges of the many little ponds similar to the ones pictured below looking for bugs. I was treated to an interesting sky at the end of the day which I hope was part of the reward for putting up with the hordes of mosquitoes that also prefer the same habitat. July 6, Matthew's Lake.

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