Monday, 6 August 2018

Eastern Kingbird

As promised here are a few shots of an Eastern Kingbird that was having a field day catching flies at Hemeon's Head on one of my many visits this past Spring. There were lots of bugs in the air on this day in mid May, mostly high up so I was shooting up at the bird who didn't seem that bothered by my presence.

Old Friend? Red-bellied Woodpecker

While I can't be entirely sure, this bird looks like the same one that frequented my feeders about four years earlier. This species doesn't breed here as far as I know, so to have two similar looking females visiting seems like more than coincidence. I know I've had the same male Hairy Woodpecker here for at least the last four years so it doesn't seem out of the question.

She only stuck around for a couple of days in early May this time, not long before I took the feeders down. It was a happy stroke of luck that she arrived at the feeder just shortly after I had set up to take some photos.