Saturday, 6 May 2017

Mergansers - Three species - Females Only

 This was the species I was attempting to photograph. Hooded Mergansers are the least common of the three species, also the smallest and probably the shyest. Because they are the smallest you need to be a little closer to get a decent shot and I panicked a bit when I got the chance and made them take a wider route than I had hoped.
 The Common Mergansers were the most abundant in the area so there were more opportunities for photo ops and I got a few good close-ups.
I had thought originally that I had photographed all three species on the first day but the "female"on that day turned out to be a juvenile male. This female Red-breasted Merganser was photographed at the same location but a couple of days later.
                                                                           Preening Red-breasted Merganser hen.

The last three shots are all Common Mergansers. I'll post shots of the males in the coming days when I find the time. I need to get caught up on my posting. These are all from the last few days in March.

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