Sunday, 10 September 2017

Hudsonian Godwit

By mid August there was a small flock of Hudsonian Godwits feeding at Matthew's Lake. I should probably be more meticulous in my record keeping but if memory serves it was likely six or seven individuals. That seems to be pretty typical for the area - there never seems to be many more than that, at least in recent years. 

They are in various stages of moult, some birds showing more of their reddish breeding plumage particularly earlier in the summer when they first arrive here from their northern breeding range. Those are usually the birds I try to photograph although I'm happy to be able to get close enough to any bird for a decent picture.

You can see in the picture below of the two individuals how variable the plumage can be at this time of year. The bird on the right is exhibiting more of the grey winter plumage than its companion. August 13.

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