Thursday, 30 July 2015

Short-billed Dowitchers

The Dowitchers are generally one of the first shorebirds to arrive here in early summer on their flight south from their summer breeding grounds in the Canadian Arctic. Although they can be approached more easily than many of their relatives I do like to photograph them in flocks on occasion. July 13, Mathew's Lake area.


There was a flock of over 20 Whimbrel at Hemeon's Head on one of the days I visited in July. I picked out this individual bird on one close flyover.  July 13.

Belted Kingfisher

This is the male from a nesting pair of kingfishers on the Jordan River. I have shots of this bird and one of it's offspring that I will post in the near future.  July 11.


These were taken on multiple days at the same location in Jordan Falls from July 1 to 11. On some days there were as many as four individuals fishing there. Two breeding pairs - one from either side of the river.  Although I wasn't able to get a shot of one diving and coming up with a fish, at least not at close range, I did get a shot of an aborted dive and one hovering directly above my head.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Barn Swallow - Juvenile

There have been several nesting pairs of Barn Swallows under the walking bridge in Jordan Falls the last few years. On this day the young ones were sitting in the low trees beside the footpath being fed by the adults. I was hoping to capture that exchange but the light was poor and there wasn't a clear view. This was in early July.

Common Yellowthroat

This is a shot from July 5 at Hemeon's Head. I went looking for shorebirds but didn't find much to photograph. I found this bird on my way back to the car.

Friday, 24 July 2015


I realized I hadn't posted pictures of Willets on the blog before even though I've had lots of shots to choose from. After talking with Don and Jane who recently had a family of Willets pass through their yard I decided this would be a good time. I probably should add a flight shot at some point since that's normally how I see them - usually flying at me. I like these because of how docile the bird looks and acted on the day I took these - not typical Willet behavior.  July 4, Jordan Falls.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Red-winged Blackbird pair

I found this pair of nesting blackbirds in a pond in Jordan Falls. There was another pair nesting nearby and foraging in the same pond.
These shots were taken on June 30 and July 1.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Pileated Woodpecker

This is a bird I've been trying to photograph for a while with little success. On June 30th I got lucky although it was too close to fit the entire bird
in the frame. I was thankful I was shooting from a tripod since it was a low light situation however it prevented me from turning the camera 90 degrees to
fit the whole bird. To reach up and loosen the lens collar would have startled the bird more than the sound of the shutter which did get her attention.
 Shooting at 1/100th of a second I knew I had to take as many shots as time allowed to get something sharp. 
This is presumably a female since the red crest only extends forward to just in front of the eye.  Jordan Falls, NS.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Common Grackle

I was hoping for something a little more exotic but this bird landed in a great spot to have its picture taken. Since I don't have other shots of a Grackle
on the blog I guess it's time. June 14, East Jordan.

Great Horned Owl and Owlet

I discovered this owlet after finding the parent a few days previous. The shots of the young bird were
 taken about 2 weeks apart on May 31 and June 11. You can see how much it grew in the intervening days.

Gadwall Hen

As I was leaving Hemeon's Head on June 9 the Gadwall pair flew into the pond I had just vacated.
I ended up focusing on the female while I would have preferred the male for his more striking plumage. They didn't stick around after seeing me.