Monday, 29 October 2018

Osprey Nest

For the past several years a pair of Osprey have nested on an island near Lockeport harbour. It appears that the tree containing the nest probably blew down during one of the fierce Winter storms of the past year. A new nest, or so I've been told, was constructed on an electric power transmission pole in the last nesting season. I visited it several times during the summer to follow it's progress. The height of the nest made it impossible to see how many chicks hatched until they were old enough to leave the centre of the nest and perch on the edges. At the time of my last visit there were three fully fledged young that were taking short forays from the nest and returning. Only two are pictured here (top two photos) along with one of the adult birds.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Plovers, Godwits, Red Knots

A few pictures from one of my last trips to Matthew's Lake this summer. As usual for the time of year (August 21) there were lots of shorebirds to photograph in a variety of shapes and sizes. I was there when the tide was rising so I was able to photograph a few while feeding and later when they were resting above the high water. The Black-bellied Plover were quite variable, plumage-wise while the Hudsonian Godwits and Red Knots were transitioning to their more drab Winter plumage.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Piping Plover - Adult and Fledglings

I was asked by one of the local Piping Plover monitors to try to photograph the fledglings of this particular nesting pair. There was a concern that only one chick had survived in the week leading up to the time they would be fully fledged and ready to leave the area. I was happy to do so and also happy to report that all three young ones were still alive and well at the time. August 15, Louis Head Beach NS.

The flags on the legs help to identify the individual birds, the adult here is not flagged. While I was able to photograph all three fledglings only two are pictured in these photos.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Turnstones, Red Knot

Among the birds roosting at high tide in early August at Matthew's Lake were several Ruddy Turnstones and a single Red Knot. The Knots usually occur in small numbers here during the summer shorebird migration and often into Autumn where they gradually moult into their grey Winter plumage. They are notable not only for their rusty red breeding attire but because numbers have declined precipitously in recent decades, as much as 50% at their wintering grounds in South America.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Common Terns - Adult and Juveniles

Although Terns haven't nested in Matthew's Lake in recent years they do tend to feed there during the summer months and there may be a breeding colony in the area. I might know the location but I haven't checked out that particular spot for nesting this year. However the adults do show up accompanied by juveniles in late summer.

The juveniles differ from the adults in that they appear to have a receding "hair line" and have mostly black beaks. On this day in early August they were looking for roosting spots amongst the shorebirds. Sometimes it was a rock, other times it was an abandoned lobster pot.