Monday, 19 September 2016

Common Nighthawk in Flight

For a few days in late August I was seeing several Common Nighthawks chasing insects near my home in the hours before sunset. They are a challenge to photograph since their flight behavior is very erratic - I suppose like the insects they are feeding on. These shots were taken on August 24 in East Jordan.

Black-throated Blue Warblers - Female and Male

These were part of that larger flock of mostly juvenile warblers and vireo that passed by my house on August 14. There haven't been many birds in the area in recent days.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Blue-headed Vireo - Juvenile

This bird was one of a larger flock of mixed birds that were foraging together near my home in East Jordan. Among the others in the group were Black-throated Blue Warblers, Parula, Palm and Magnolia Warblers. Most of the birds were juvenile except the Black-throated Blues which I assume were the same pair that nested nearby. August 14.

Osprey - Juvenile

This bird acted as if it had never seen a person before or maybe just a person with a camera. It must have circled me three times before it finally flew upriver to be closer to one of its parents or a sibling.  I couldn't tell which because of the distance.  August 18, Jordan Falls.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Belted Kingfisher - Juvenile Male

 One of a family of four kingfishers seen in Jordan Falls and fishing in the river and adjacent ponds. These were all shot at the same location on the morning of August 7.  The adult male has a breast belt that is entirely blue-grey whereas this bird had some rust colour showing in those feathers indicating a juvenile. This bird was in the shade of an oak tree, in some of the shots you can see where the sunlight was filtering through the leaves and casting some light on his back. Although the sun was at my back the bird appears back-lit from the light reflecting off the river.