Sunday, 7 February 2016

Snow Buntings

  I found a small flock of four Snow Buntings at the end of West Head on the last day of January. The one bird pictured in all the photos here had just taken a bath in one of the little pools of water formed in a depression in the rocks. It spent several minutes shaking out the excess water from it's plumage.

  I learned recently that Snow Bunting populations have been listed as in steep decline. It shouldn't come as a big surprise I guess since the majority of  bird species have been declining in the last few decades.  An interesting piece of trivia is that the males don't moult again until after the breeding season and that the stark white/black plumage of the breeding males is a result of the feather tips on the dark parts of the bird wearing down to reveal the black base of the feathers.

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