Thursday, 21 April 2016

Bohemian Waxwings

Bohemian Waxwings have been pretty high on my list of birds that I would like to photograph. Unfortunately I haven't had an opportunity in the last few years until recently. On April 9 I was on my way back to my car to head home after a morning of not much luck finding anything to shoot. I had seen a flock of birds in the distance but I assumed they were just Starlings because of the numbers I was seeing. When a few flew a little closer I noticed the yellow tail band and realized what I was seeing.
 This shot gives an idea of the numbers involved although it's just a fraction of the total group. I estimated at the time that there was 150 - 200 birds in the flock. These were at Hemeon's Head and since it was the middle of the day I decided to continue back to the car and drop off some gear and then go back and find them and hope that the light improved. Somehow I managed to lose the entire flock in that time and so headed home.

 The drive from Hemeon's Head to East Jordan generally takes me about twenty five minutes and as I pulled in my driveway the first thing I saw was a waxwing and as I checked the trees around the house there seemed to be a sizeable flock there as well.
          This is probably a little more than half of the total flock I found in East Jordan on the same day.
                                                                Another shot of the same group of birds.

                   I was back at Hemeon's head on April 13 and found a few birds on that day.
                                             This was the best close-up I managed to get.
 I also found one Cedar Waxwing mixed in. The Cedar seem noticeably smaller when seen with the Bohemians.
They all took off before I got the shot I was really looking for - something from lower down with trees in the background. That's the Cedar Waxwing in the lead.

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