Sunday, 9 October 2016

Northern Harrier - From Perch to Perch

 I was almost ready to give up waiting for something interesting to show up. I had been looking for raptors of some sort since I knew there were a few species in the area in which I was taking photos. Luckily enough I had two birds fly in a once.  One, a Merlin, landed in a tree about six feet over my head while this bird landed in a tree in which I could actually focus on to get a few shots.

The Harrier seemed to be having a hard time finding a perch that suited it and eventually flew to another small tree about an equal distance away. I managed to take a few shots as it flew from one tree to the next and then a few more as it finally left. All I ever saw was the belly of the Merlin but was able to get a few photos on another day at the same location. September 17,  Little Harbour NS.

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